Saturday, August 26, 2017

Postcards #3 and #4 of challenge 2 @Makeitindesign

Postcards #3 and #4 of challenge 2 @Makeitindesign

Yes, I am making  more postcard for the challenge. Can not stop...I must be addicted to design :)

Here my postcard #3: 

The Basilique-Cathédrale Notre-Dame 385 promenade Sussex. Build in 1841 and just in front of National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa:

↝ My pic from my iPad :)

↝ A doodle with water colour :)


↝ The front and back of postcard :)

Postcard #4 of challenge @Makeitindesign

Again with my iPad I took a pic of my city from Ontario province side.Our city is divided in 2 sides and a bridge, 2 provinces and 2 langages!. 
The building in the back is the Museum of History in Québec side :)

↝A quick photo with my iPad:

↝Little doodling of the bridge and the Museum of History

↝The font and the back of my postcard with vectorial drawing!

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Postcard #2 from Ottawa–Gatineau (L'Outaouais)

Having fun here with my second postcard from Ottawa
So with our last challenge with @MakeitinDesign #summerschool201 _ I decided to follow up with another postcard.
For your info:
The National Capital Region of Canada also referred as Ottawa–Gatineau or L'Outaouais.This city is  divided by a river on one side Ontario province and on the other side Québec province (French part of Canada). The city is small and offer a cultural diversity and activities. Just 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa–Gatineau you are immersed by the nature and outdoor recreation of Gatineau Park. Also, since 1832, The Rideau Canal is the World's Largest Skating Rink. The National Capital offer the National Art Gallery, the War Museum, the History Museum and also the Byward Market.

Here my pic from the Byward Market (Le marché BY) and a doodling of the old Downtown


⇢My digital drawing of Byward Market downtown Ottawa:

⇢Here my postcard front and back for you:

Have fun!
Currently working on the @MakeitinDesign #summerschool2017 – Having so much fun! #advanced #postcardfrom

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Postcard From Ottawa

Here we go Week 4 of the Make It In Design Summer School 2017! Summer is flying at a crazy speed :)
This it is the  second and final fun challenge: A Postcard From …
This last fun challenge is a creative exercise which is designed to get those creative juices flowing even more. Yesterday, during the afternoon I took my son with me to downtown Ottawa for a regular medical appointment. We took advantage going around for a lunch at the Byward market to take some pics with my iPad. This is a fun challenge to have your family and friends involved during your day!

Postcard from Ottawa:
I choose to take my iPad with me for the challenge. Back home I work on my laptop to make a post card :0 I took some old doodling from my sketch book to complete this new challenge!  Actually the subject is perfect to cheer again 150 anniversary in Ottawa.

Here my first picture:

A quick doodling

Here the back of my first postcard ''My city l'Outaouais"

For the front of my postal card I did combine my photo mixed with my digital drawing. One part of the museum is a digital drawing! :)

This is a fast chalenge but I realize there's a lot of potential if I want to work deeply on this project. There we go another great project on my list. 

Have fun!

Currently working on the @MakeitinDesign #summerschool2017 – Having so much fun! #advanced #postcardfrom

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Before starting school! Upcycle is always a fun project for summer!

Here a project I did in my backyard  in july, Yep we are already august.

 I have that metal table and chairs in my backyard that I was to throw in garbage. With my little boy we decided to paint it we spray can and we use also my old stencils. Why not! It was fun we did it spontaneously really fast too! It actually made the little corner of backyards more joyful and colored for our short summer. Again, I could not help but see a design pattern on this new table! ;)

Some detail of my table!

Don't forget  to walk around your house you maybe have a little project waiting just for you! :)

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Work in progress @ Make it in design

Brief 2 at @makeitinDesign this is my work in progress for PALE GARDEN. I decided to have some soft little birds to my illustration. This illustration is alive, soft, sunny and happy. I have just begun a collection to match my pattern to come :) Will work on some details and mockups this week. For licensing or any illustrations contact me at

⇨ Follow me to see the process of my PALE GARDEN pattern:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Brief 2 with Make it in design!

Last Brief for summer 2017! The new challenge is to make a pattern with PALE GARDEN painting. I love the Idea especially on a sunny day. It is a perfect subject to paint in my backyard and then jump in the pool and paint again! 

Wow the perfect summer!

Our Facebook community @makeitindesign help us to stay focused during our challenge and we also make new friends! Some of them are surface design artist I know since a good 2 years. Nice yep!

⇨ Follow me to see the process of my PALE GARDEN pattern:

#summerschool2017 Having so much fun! #advanced
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